Chrome Ventilation: What you should know

Chrome Plating Is a heavily regulated process, consequently it is a common question when our customers are upgrading or selecting a new Chrome Scrubber unit, what will get me the maximum efficiency? Therefore, I wanted to give a brief synopsis of how a Chrome Scrubber works, the overall differences between a Three Stage and Four Stage Unit, and how Vanaire can assist you through this oftentimes complicated process.

Chrome evolves as a mist particulate, and the difficulty of removing chrome from an air stream depends on the weight of the chrome mist particle. The smaller the particulate, the less weight it carries and the more difficult it will be to remove. To remove these Chrome particulates in a Scrubber unit, you run the air stream through mesh pads inside at a certain calculated velocity. The particulates will take a path causing them to become impinged between the mono filaments or colliding into a mono filament so that the particulate will drop out of the air stream. Three Stage Chrome Scrubbers operate by removing the particles that they can and then altering the particles that they cannot to make them removable. The Scrubber will coalesce these particles so that they grow and increase in size, making it so that they can be captured. The purpose of the third stage of the scrubber is to take what was retrained from the second stage and remove it.

Since Chrome can have a wide range of particulate sizes, to gain additional efficiency in the scrubber we add finer and finer filtration. Typically this is done through adding a Fourth Stage in the Scrubber. The Fourth stage consists of either a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) or an ULPA (Ultra Low Particulate Air) Filter to trap the finest particulates. With the Addition of a HEPA Filter, the efficiency of the scrubber can reach 99.9% down to 0.3 microns. With an ULPA Filter, the efficiency can reach 99.9% down to 0.1 micron.

A simple comparison between a Three Stage Scrubber and a Four Stage Scrubber is the Maximum Outlet Concentration. A Three Stage Scrubber’s maximum outlet of concentration is 0.015 mg/dscm, whereas a Four Stage Scrubber has a maximum outlet of concentration 0.006 mg/dscm. Both units work to efficiently remove Chrome emissions, but the decision is typically driven by the company’s permitting, which will determine just how effective the unit will need to be.

The experts at Vanaire can help guide you through this critical process. We offer key assistance to your company through facilitating Chrome Testing, Assisting with Permitting Paperwork and Submission, Startup and Training on the Chrome System, and Preventative Maintenance to keep levels in regulation.

Please reach out to us and let us know if we can assist you with your Chrome needs today!


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