About Aire-Safe “FM” Ducting

Everything You Need to Know About Our Aire-Safe “FM” Factory Mutual Ducting

Vanaire builds high quality duct systems that are approved according to Factory Mutual (FM) requirements. Our tech-savvy engineers have designed a brand-new PVC ducting system called “Aire-Safe” that is designed to exhaust non-combustible fumes that provoke corrosion with no need for automatic sprinkler protection. We design and manufacture industrial duct systems and Factory Mutual duct applications strictly adhering to the SMACNA Manual on Thermoplastic Construction. Vanaire certified FM duct systems don’t require automatic sprinkler protection.

As of late, more and more Insurance companies are requiring the use of fire retardant materials in hazardous processes. As such, we have seen a rise in the request for “FM” Factory Mutual ducting, due to the way the duct is constructed, allowing it to prevent fire from spreading throughout the facility. In this blog, we will be explaining “FM” ducting systems in depth and how its use can potentially benefit your company.

What is Factory Mutual Duct?

“FM” Factory Mutual Duct is constructed from Type II Grade 1 PVC and is rolled from extruded PVC sheet.  It can be selected in white UV-resistant material for outside use to provide a long term intended service life, and dark gray for inside applications. Our “FM” Duct is made from extruded PVC for 12’’ (0.3 m) diameter size and up. Available sizes run from 6’’ DIA up to a maximum 60’’ DIA, round or rectangular in shape as requested.

This duct must be manufactured in accordance with Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association (SMACNA) specifications, which covers the materials, construction, and design of thermoplastic duct systems. “FM” Duct is specifically designed to handle corrosive applications under 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The structural integrity of the duct will be compromised when exposed to fire. As such, these ducts are not designed for smoke removal in fire situations—a supplemental smoke exhaust system should be provided.

Who is Allowed to Manufacture FM Ducting?

There are certain terms and conditions to be an approved vendor of “FM” ducting. For starters, the equipment manufacturer must have:

  • At least five (5) years of experience in the design, manufacture, and installation of ventilation systems in similar applications.
  • They must have manufacturing and quality control facilities capable of producing and ensuring the quality of thermoplastic equipment required by SMACNA specifications.
  • The production facility must always be made available for inspection by Factory Mutual authorities.

Factory Mutual also requires the installation of an “FM” approved system be performed by the manufacturer or certified MFG Contractor. Otherwise, an inspection of the installation must be conducted by the manufacturer for compliance to the specifications required for certification. FM

Order Safe and Reliable Factory Mutual Ducting

 Vanaire is a Certified Equipment Manufacturer and Installer of Aire-Safe “FM” Factory Mutual Duct. We are a Turnkey Provider able to customize our products to the Customer’s needs and provide efficient installation of the system. Vanaire delivers years of knowledge and skill to provide a personalized recommendation for all of your Air Ventilation needs.

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