How to Lay Out Corrosion-resistant Fume Hoods

Things to Consider When Designing the Layout of Your Corrosion-resistant Fume Hoods


Vanaire designs and fabricates all types of corrosion-resistant exhaust/fume hoods for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. Fume hoods play a critical role in industrial environments where toxic contaminants are present. These hoods capture the fumes and route them through a ducting system, where they can be filtered and removed from the indoor space.


Our exhaust hood solutions feature:

• Internal splitting vanes designed to channel and equalize airflow
• Hood slots sized for optimal efficiency, velocity, and airflow
• Industry-standard designs to ensure compliance with local, state, and federal laws

When Vanaire designs fume hoods, we take several factors into consideration.

Even Airflow Throughout the Fume Hood

First, it’s important to ensure an even draw of air throughout the length of the fume hood. The suction of the hood is created by the negative pressure in the plenum containing the slot. In turn, the consistent negative pressure ensures a consistent draw of air through the slots in the hood.

Plenum Air Velocity Control in the Exhaust Hood

Pressure variance is caused by energy loss due (usually) to friction and will vary whenever gas is moving. The key to reducing friction-caused energy loss is to control the plenum air velocity, bringing down the airspeed as much as possible. This is done while maintaining the momentum of the contaminant to minimize dropout rate.

The cross-sectional area of a plenum determines the velocity of airflow, which in turn, determines the amount of friction loss. Through precise calculations, Vanaire can determine the required velocity to maintain the delicate balance between friction loss and preventing the particles dropout.

This equation takes into consideration the cross-sectional area, which is the width of the plenum containing the slot, multiplied times the height.

Special Design For Fume Hoods With Space Limitations

When determining the width of a fume hood, you may be limited to the space between the tanks, or the space between the tanks and the surrounding structures. The height of a hood may also be limited by clearance requirements from any structures above—usually the space needed to allow free travel of hoist systems or a work bar.

On the other hand, the only option to adjust the hood height may be to drop down below the slot, usually between the tanks or structure.

In any case, our engineers will provide a Vanaire-recommended design to guarantee the best possible layout and operation of your corrosion-resistant fume hoods.

Corrosion-resistant Fume Hoods Available at Vanaire

At Vanaire, we offer different types of fume hoods:

• Vanaire H1L Style Low Profile Lateral Hood
• Vanaire H2L Style Low Profile Double Lateral Hood
• Vanaire H3 Style Up-right Hoods
• Vanaire HU Style Low Profile Hood
• Vanaire Zinc Alkaline H3 Style Up-right Hood

Vanaire Zinc Alkaline Hood Features

Vanaire Zinc Alkaline Hoods are designed to prevent clogging in the slots and bottom of the hood. This design features a wash down system that can manually or automatically remove the caustic salts that build up in the slots and bottoms of the hoods. A reservoir and drain are built into the bottom of the food so that the wash-down water and salts will drain properly, and now flow back into the tanks.

These hoods also have removable fronts that allow interior access and removal of salt deposits. On the other hand, the bottom sections of our hoods are protected by removable co-polymer polypro 3/8” THK wear plates, which can be taken out anytime for routine maintenance.

Material of Construction For Vanaire’s Fume Hoods

Since our exhaust hoods operate in extremely corrosive environments, Vanaire designs and builds all of our hoods out of corrosion resistant materials:
• Polypropylene
• Dual Laminates

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