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Custom Fiberglass Fabrication (FRP)

Vanaire is a qualified expert in professional FRP fabrication. With all our profound expertise in building solid air scrubbing applications from fiberglass reinforced plastic we know for sure what characteristics this material must carry. Vanaire fabricates substantial and reliable fiber reinforced plastic that is used in different applications and variable industries. FRP fabricated by Vanaire is the optimal solution for you, if you are looking for material which is:

  • cost-effective and providing equipment long life cycle;
  • resistant to corrosion, chemicals and tough manufacture environments;
  • endurable at high temperatures;
  • easy and convenient to install and modify.

Your Reliable Partner in Fiberglass Fabrication

Our team offers assembly services for the customers that look for a completely or partially assembled FRP fabrications. You can order now from Vanaire any custom FRP fabrication and can be sure that it will be completed in time and will precisely meet all your requirements. Vanaire will guide you through all the peculiarities of fiberglass reinforced plastic and how your manufacture can benefit from using it.

Contact the Vanaire team to request a quote for your custom Fume Hoods. Schedule a consultation with a Vanaire engineer so you can commission the design of a custom Hood built specifically for your facility’s layout.

You can learn more about air pollution control in the United States from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.