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Ventilation for the Electroless Plating Industry

Vanaire is a leading designer and manufacturer of Air Pollution Control and Air Scrubbing Systems for Electroless Plating applications.

What is Electroplating Electroless Plating?

Essentially, it’s a method of plating metal through a chemical process instead of an electrical one, where the piece to be plated is submerged in a reducing agent to produce an auto-catalytic reaction that transforms metal ions into metal deposits. This process creates a surface that’s more resistant to wear and tear, all without requiring the electroplating process.


Today, many manufacturers use Electroless Plating as an environmentally friendly option for depositing nickel on surfaces with complex shapes, creating a hard but machinable surface. It is typically applied in the following industries:Electroless Plating

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Machine
  • Manufacturing
  • Repair
  • Hardware

Contact the Vanaire team today to request a quote of our Air Pollution Control and Air Scrubbing System. You may also get in touch with a Vanaire engineer to discuss custom designs according to your existing setup and needs.

You can learn more about air pollution control in the United States from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.