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Air Pollution Control for Municipal Drinking Water Systems

Vanaire designs, fabricates, and installs air pollution equipment for Municipal Drinking Water systems. Vanair-designed air pollution control solutions are designed to remove high levels of H2S from your water systems, as well as corrosive CO2, VOCs, and THMs.

Air Pollution Control Problems in Municipal Drinking Water Systems

Drinking Water SystemsIn some parts of the United States, groundwater used by municipalities and private wells contains hydrogen sulfide (H2S), a chemical compound that gives water a foul, “rotten egg” taste and smell. H2S occurs naturally in groundwater, where sandstone, shale, decaying organic material, or sulfur-reducing bacteria, combine to generate hydrogen sulfide gas, a colorless, flammable, and highly dangerous gas.

Detecting H2S in Municipal Drinking Water

The average person can smell and taste H2S concentrations as low as 0.5 mg per liter of water. According to the 10 States Standards, water systems with more than 0.3 mg of H2S per liter need to be treated with some kind of aeration process. Furthermore, water with more than 1 mg of H2S per liter can corrode water distribution systems and cause water to be unfit for drinking and food preparation.

Order Air Pollution Control Systems for Municipal Drinking Water Facilities from Vanaire

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You can learn more about air pollution control in the United States from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.