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Odor Control for Municipal Wastewater Treatment Systems

If your wastewater treatment facility battling corrosion and offensive odors, Vanaire can design and build a custom odor and air pollution control system to fix your problems. Our odor control systems include the following components:

  • Chemical Wet Scrubbers
  • System Controls
  • Corrosion Resistant Ducting
  • Centrifugal Exhaust Fans
  • Fume Hoods

These technologies provide excellent odor control and corrosion prevention in any wastewater treatment plant.

Why Air Pollution Control Systems for Wasterwater Plants are Important

Municipal Wastewater Treatment facilities are notorious for generating foul-smelling compounds such as ammonia, amines, DMS, DMDS, methyl mercaptans, and hydrogen sulfide. These compounds not only produce offensive odors, they can also increase a wastewater treatment facility’s maintenance costs by corroding water treatment equipment and infrastructure.

Odor Control for Municipal Wastewater Treatment PlantAreas in wastewater treatment plants that typically produce foul odors include:

  • Hydrogen sulfide degasifiers
  • Headworks
  • Sewage pumps
  • Composting areas
  • Sludge dryers
  • Anaerobic digesters
  • Belt filter presses

Order Odor Control Systems for Municipal Wastewater Treatment!

Contact Vanaire today to request a quote of our odor control systems designed for wastewater treatment.

You can learn more about air pollution control in the United States from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.