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We Lease Air Pollution Control Equipment

Air Pollution Control

Leasing of Fume Scrubbers

Leasing of Mist Eliminators

Leasing of Mist Eliminators

Leasing of Centrifugal Fans

Leasing of Centrifugal Fans

When your business needs air pollution control systems or ventilation equipment, Vanaire can provide you with no-hassle new or used equipment leasing options.

Air Pollution Control Equipment Leasing From Vanaire Makes Sense

As your company grows, the need for additional wet scrubbers, mist eliminators, centrifugal exhaust fans and blowers and other ventilation equipment becomes critical as the environment inside and outside the plant must be healthy for employees. We know that for any business, cash flow is the lifeblood for success.

Even for companies with large cash reserves, financing equipment acquisitions makes business sense by matching cost to benefit. Rather than tying up precious working capital or bank lines, smart businesses let the equipment benefits pay for the equipment while their cash reserves and borrowing power work to fund their future success.

When a business chooses to finance or lease, the cost of the equipment is spread over a multiple-year term keeping more working capital liquid to fund investments such as additional payroll or facility expansion. The business has the profit generating equipment when it is needed, rather than waiting until cash is on hand.

Lease Air Pollution Equipment To Own

Do not let cash flow restirict your business growth! When budget dollars aren’t available, equipment purchases are put on hold, stifling the progress of your company. We offer a lease to own program which is a huge benefit to companies needing a fume scrubber, a centrifugal exhaust fan, mist eliminator or any other Vanaire equipment for your plant.

Vanaire’s Lease-To-Own Program is a great option when you want to own our state-of-the-art equipment beyond your lease term. With our Lease-To-Own Program you own the ventilation equipment when your payments are done, and you can continue to use your equipment for as long as you need.

You can learn more about air pollution control in the United States from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.