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Polypropylene Fabrication

Vanaire has a profound, in-house polypropylene fabrication and welding department and gladly offers its services to industrial and municipal enterprises. We always offer a comprehensive consultancy to all our clients on an issue of materials capabilities. Polypropylene is a firm, endurable and rigid material and it is the lightest among all the thermoplastic materials available these days. Vanaire expert engineering team applies advanced technologies in fabrication of top quality polypropylene materials and applications to guarantee long life cycle of the client’s equipment.

High Quality Materials for Polypropylene Fabrication

Our company has been fabricating solid polypropylene for many years and gained enormous trust of the customers. Vanaire polypropylene performs excellent corrosion resistance and reliability, has a quite high weight-to-strength ratio and is able to resist multiple cracking over the years.

Contact the Vanaire team to request a quote for your polypropylene fabrication needs.

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