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FRP Duct Systems

Vanaire has immense experience in designing and manufacturing of high efficiency fiberglass reinforced plastic duct systems for different industries. We are happily serving clients from across different industries and states providing them with reliable air scrubbing equipment. Vanaire FRP duct systems are fabricated from solid fiberglass reinforced plastic that doesn’t rust and guarantees a durable performance of your application.

FRP DUCT SYSTEMS - FRP Duct SystemsVersatile Ducting Solutions

The dimension limitations vary from 12 in. up to 60 in. and are applied to both round and rectangular shapes. Vanaire manufactures duct systems with the minimum duct wall thickness of 3/16” in. up to and including 36 in. and ¼ in. in sizes greater than 36 in. We butt-weld all the ducting elbows and fittings that are less than 20-inches diameter to assure leak-proof connections.

Amazing Quality and Safety

Vanaire designs and manufactures all duct systems in accordance with SMACNA requirements for the static pressure of the system. While producing the equipment we strictly adhere to the recommended practices provided by American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH), and the American National Standard Institute (ANSI).

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You can learn more about air pollution control in the United States from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.