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Custom PVC Fabrication

Vanaire is a well-acknowledged expert in professional PVC fabrication. Thanks to our profound expertise in building solid air scrubbing applications from polyvinyl chloride plastic we know for sure what characteristics this material must carry. We provide assembly services for the customers that need a completely or partially assembled PVC fabrications. You can order from Vanaire any custom PVC fabrication and can be sure that it will be completed in time and will correspond precisely your requirements. Our team will guide you through all the peculiarities of polyvinyl chloride plastic and how your manufacture can benefit from using it.

Quality and Durability with our PVC Fabrication

Vanaire fabricates top quality polyvinyl chloride plastic materials that perform excellent durability and corrosion resistance. Vanaire custom PVC fabrication services also include cutting, forming, bending, routing, drilling and other different processes with PVC material. We can also combine Vanaire injection molded, extruded or fabricated components with the client’s current materials and applications.

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You can learn more about air pollution control in the United States from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.