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Are you a fan of speed, power, and cutting-edge technology? Well, we’ve got the perfect combination for you. We are proud to announce our company-sponsored race car this upcoming season! 

As industry leaders, we are always looking to demonstrate our commitment to quality and high-performance ventilation equipment. 

We believe that our involvement in motorsports is a thrilling way to showcase our devotion to engineering, technology, and performance. This blog will talk about our incredible race car and its driver, Jamie Goodman!

The Perfect Blend of Power and Efficiency

Our sponsored race car, an ‘86 Monte Carlo Street Stock is designed to provide a seamless balance between power and efficiency and has a 406 cubic inch engine. 

Last year, the Monte Carlo won second place in points at the Salem Speedway. The new season is just about to begin on April 16th which marks the first race. 

The race car demonstrates how we are always striving to push the boundaries of technology and provide our customers with solutions that deliver outstanding performance without compromising energy efficiency or environmental impact.

This year our driver Jamie is partnering with Operation Care Kentucky to raise money for their charity. He previously donated his trunk lid to place a sponsored name on in exchange for donated funds to Operation Care, a Christian Ministry that supports the physical, spiritual, emotional, and social well-being of people in need.

Community Involvement and Giving Back

Being a part of the motorsports community allows us to give back by supporting various racing events, charities, and environmental initiatives. Our involvement in the sport is not only about winning races but also about creating a positive impact on society. By sharing our passion for motorsports and technology, we aim to inspire the next generation of engineers and professionals to pursue their dreams and contribute to a better future.

Our company-sponsored race car is an exciting representation of our commitment to engineering excellence, innovation, and top-notch performance.