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Air Pollution Engineering and Design

At Vanaire, our Air Pollution Engineering and Design Services are built on the promise of assessing your organization’s air pollution control needs and restrictions to fabricate, install, and implement a system built specifically for your specific requirements. Our solutions include:

All of our designs factor in costs associated with the construction, installation, and operation of your air pollution control project. Our engineers use the concept of value engineering to optimize performance and efficiency, ensuring that your facility gets the best air pollution control solution while still minimizing costs.

At Vanaire, our engineers use Project Management Software to monitor each stage of the design and engineering process, providing clients with individual login credentials to track the design components of their project.

The Vanaire Design Process

At Vanaire, we take pride in taking a methodical approach to each and every one of our air pollution engineering projects.

• Each project begins with a meeting between the client and our engineering, production, and sales teams.
• Vanaire will then draft an engineering schedule, a production schedule, and a target date for the project’s completion.
• Each client/project will be assigned a Project Manager who will ensure the project meets the client’s requirements.

Who Handles the Air Pollution Engineering Process?

The Vanaire engineering is composed of:

• Chemical engineers
• Mechanical engineers
• AutoCAD and SOLIDWORKS design engineers

All Vanaire designs and engineering projects are guaranteed to meet all relevant local, state, and federal regulations. Contact the Vanaire team today to begin working on a custom air pollution control solution for your organization.

control panel - Design and Engineering

Design and Engineering of Control Panels

Vanaire designers and engineers have huge experience in designing and manufacturing of high quality control panels for air scrubbing applications. Manufacturers from across variable industry sectors have to tackle their air pollution control challenges every day, and thus, they need reliable and working equipment. Vanaire not only builds high capacity air scrubbing systems, but also provide custom designed, comprehensible control panel systems to manage the ventilation processes. Fast and easy controlling over the air scrubbing processes plays an important role in the successful functioning of the overall manufacture. That is why Vanaire employs not only modern technologies, but particularly relies on the user experience and preferences in designing control panels.

Custom Design and Functionality

People at Vanaire strive to satisfy every client’s requirement in the design of our industrial ventilation equipment. And control panels are no exception. As every air scrubbing system differs from the others due to its peculiarities, a specialised control panel must be developed to successfully run every individual system. Vanaire specialists together with our customers design the outlook and functionality of control panels to ensure quick and convenient management of the overall ventilation system performance.

Scrubbing Systems Design

Scrubbing Systems Design and Engineering

Vanaire has been providing professional Air Scrubbing Design and Engineering Services to manufacturers from across different industries. As long as wet scrubbing is a widespread technology used in numerous industries for removing hazardous gaseous pollutants from process air, we work very hard on designing really effective scrubbers. At Vanaire, we use only proven, solid, corrosion-resistant materials and strive to meet all the client’s requirements tj the future product.

Custom Built Wet Scrubbers

What stands Vanaire ventilation and air scrubbing systems apart is exceptional efficiency and durability of work. Our professional staff will provide you with all necessary consultation to help choose optimal the best materials and design. We treat every client in a special way and take care that all our customers receive 100% of Vanaire design and engineering services.

You can learn more about air pollution control in the United States from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.