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Custom Designed Air Pollution Control Solutions

Vanaire designs and manufactures customized wet scrubbers, ventilation equipment and air pollution control solutions systems. Our mission is to provide our clients with top quality products that match their requirements. Add to that an environmentally conscious approach, and you have 20 years of Vanaire air scrubbing know-how, a customized equipment solution that delivers healthy air to the harshest industrial setting. The equipment we design ensures a healthy, breathable envelope within production areas and clean air emitted to the environment outside. Surface and metal finishing, pickling and chemical manufacturing facilities, all noxious workplaces benefit from air-scrubbing technology. Similarly, pharmaceuticals, food processing materials, municipal waste treatment plants, textiles, semiconductor processing factories, and many other work areas require our services.

Experienced Ventilation System Engineers

Vanaire’s highly qualified engineering team manufactures air pollution control equipment for these challenging work environments. Our equipment transforms hazardous work zones into healthy work settings and ensures environmentally safe air is discharged to the atmosphere. Indeed, all Vanaire-designed systems use state-of-the-art technology, with corrosion-resistant air scrubbers, mist eliminators, fans, hoods, ductwork and system controls providing the framework for each design. The equipment is built from corrosion resistant materials, PVC, Fiberglass, CPVC, Polypropylene, PVDF and dual laminates.

As you can see, Vanaire engineers are superior air scrubbing specialists. We ensure our customers receive powerful pollution control systems that are optimally designed for specific industrial applications. Incidentally, these services are available at a reasonable cost. On top of cost and superior services, we possess a level of engineering expertise that leads the field. Indeed, we employ a personalized approach to every case, so the best air-scrubbing solution is always matched with each client.