Fume Scrubbers

Vanaire Fume Scrubbers

Vanaire Fume Scrubbers deliver outstanding performance and are guaranteed to be compliant with local, state, and federal regulations. Vanaire’s custom-designed packed-bed Fume Scrubbers are designed for the efficient removal of water-soluble contaminants using mechanical impingement or gas absorption processes.

Custom Wet Scrubbers Designed for Your Specific Needs

Each Vanaire Fume Scrubber is designed and manufactured according to your facility’s specific conditions and desired efficiency. Our Fume Scrubbers are available in horizontal (crossflow) or vertical (countercurrent) configurations, depending on your facility’s layout and space limitations.

Vanaire Fume Scrubbers also consider variables such as:

• Cross section
• Packing depth and type
• Recirculation rate
• Spray pattern reinforcing

Guaranteed Industry Compliant Fume Scrubbers

Vanaire Fume Scrubbers are constructed according to the highest industry standards and are guaranteed to function perfectly in extreme conditions. Maximum corrosion resistance is made possible with the use of PVC, solid fiberglass, filament-wound fiberglass, CPVC, and polypropylene.

Order Custom Vanaire Fume Scrubbers

Contact the Vanaire team to request a quote for your custom Fume Scrubbers. Talk to our engineers to design and build a Fume Scrubber according to your layout and efficiency needs.


Chemistries and Applications -Nitric Acid
-Hydrochloric Acid
-Hydrofluoric Acid
-Sulfuric Acid
-Phosphoric Acid
-Fluoboric Acid
-Acetic Acid
-Hydrogen Sulfide
-Chromium Compounds
-Nickel Compounds
-Cyanide Compounds
-Hydrogen Bromine
-Caustic Solutions
-All water soluble chemistries
Plating Chemistries -Metal Finishing
-Semi-Conductor Chemistries
-Steel Pickling
-NOx Systems
-Chemical Manufacturing
-Chemical Processing
-Odor Control Systems
-Municipal Waste Treatment
-Bright Dip

NOx Scrubbers

Effective Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) Air Scrubbers

Vanaire is a world-leading designer and manufacturer of top-grade industrial NOx Air Scrubbers. Our NOx wet scrubbing systems are designed to capture and remove all toxic Nitric Oxide (NOx) gases typically generated by manufacturing processes. This feat is made possible by a multi-stage scrubbing system that converts Nitrogen Oxide (NO) to Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), which is then vented safely.

Like all Vanaire Air Scrubbers, our NOx scrubbing systems are manufactured to be compliant with all local, state, and federal requirements and applicable industry standards.

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Surface and Metal Finishing


Vanaire designs and manufactures high efficiency air scrubbers for surface and metal finishing processes. The fume scrubbers are smartly designed to provide absolute removal of hazardous gaseous pollutants.

Vanaire has an incredible expertise in manufacturing corrosion resistant, custom-built air scrubbers that bring an exceptional accuracy in removing toxic gaseous pollutants. Currently, our company is one of the leading providers of highly efficient air scrubbing systems for surface and metal finishing industry. We happily supply the manufacturers from the industry with versatile scrubbers that can be built in sizes up to 60,000 CFM.

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Crossflow Scrubbers

Industrial Crossflow Fume Scrubbers

Vanaire designs and fabricates Horizontal Crossflow Scrubbers for a wide range of industrial applications. With more than 30 years of experience in the air pollution control industry, our Crossflow Scrubbers are the ideal solution for the safe and efficient capture and removal of gaseous pollutants from the air.

Horizontal Crossflow Air Scrubbers are typically used in the metal finishing industry, where facilities usually have limited space and low inlet loadings. If this is the case for your organization, our Vanaire engineers can install these compact Air Scrubbers on your rooftop to maximize headroom.

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Acid Scrubbers


Vanaire is an experienced designer and manufacturer of a big variety of highly effective acid scrubbers for industrial and municipal organizations. Such chemical emissions that contain sulfur dioxide or ammonia in manufacturing processes can cause serious damage to the equipment and harm the staff’s physical condition.

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Vertical Flow Packed Bed


Vanaire builds cost-effective and versatile vertical flow packed bed air scrubbers for removing toxic chemicals acids, odors, and soluble gases. We use only proven materials that are highly resistant to high and low concentrations of pH gases to craft reliable and durable scrubbing systems. Vanaire vertical flow scrubbers enable the most effective elimination of soluble acid gases. Our engineers design and construct vertical flow scrubbers in such a way to make them helpful in manufacture environments with multiple-contaminant gas streams.

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FRP Air Scrubbers


Vanaire is a leading designer, manufacturer and installer of custom built fiberglass reinforced plastic air scrubbers for industrial and municipal organizations. Our company fabricates FRP fume scrubbers in a wide range of sizes, shapes and configurations depending on client’s space limitations and needs. We construct air scrubbers in accordance with the highest quality standards in the industry and guarantee exceptional performance of Vanaire applications on the client’s premises.

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PVC Fume Scrubbers

Custom Made PVC Fume Scrubbers to Suit Your Needs

PVC Fume ScrubbersVanaire provides custom designed corrosion resistant PVC fume scrubbers, also known as PVC wet scrubbers. Polyvinyl chloride plastic is a cost-effective, lightweight, non-toxic, incredibly strong and substantial material that currently widely substitutes such building materials as metal, concrete or wood. Vanaire team of designers and engineers have enormous expertise in working with polyvinyl chloride and constructing high quality PVC applications.

Crossflow or countercurrent, a PVC wet scrubber manufactured by Vanaire will perform unrivalled productivity and efficiency in removing water-soluble contaminants. Designed specifically to your needs and state compliance requirements our scrubbers are an excellent solution for even the toughest manufacture environment.


As Vanaire has great expertise in building reliable fume scrubbers this became possible due to our usage of the best, proven materials. Polyvinyl chloride plastic that we actively use in our manufacture enables building endurable, corrosion resistant fume scrubbers.

Health and Safety Compliance

Health and safety regulations enforced by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and other state agencies require the use of  pollution control and ventilation systems in any industrial facility that produces chemical-based emissions.

Whether you need repairs, one part, or a complete system, Vanaire has you covered. Contact our offices to request a quote today.

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