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Vanaire Manufacturing Facilities

At Vanaire, we pride ourselves for having two state-of-the-art fabrication facilities equipped with proprietary technologies to design and manufacture all our custom Air Pollution Control Equipment, which includes:

Air Scrubbers
Mist Eliminators
Centrifugal Fans & Blowers
Fume Hoods
Air Strippers
Atmospheric Evaporators
Process Tanks
Control Panels
Containment Systems

Thermoplastics Fabrication Facility

Vanaire boasts of its own advanced PVC Fabrication Facility, where we design and build a wide range of PVC-based systems and components, from PVC Ductwork, PVC Scrubbers, and PVC Centrifugal Fans and Blowers among many others.

Our thermoplastics fabrication facility also includes a butt-welding machine, bender, and CNC machine just to name a few. These fabrication solutions make it possible to build our Air Pollution Control with 100% accuracy each and every time, ensuring our clients get any component or system built according to their specific needs.

We have the expertise and the machinery to build our systems from most thermoplastics such as:
Polypropylene (PP)

Fiberglass Fabrication Facility

Vanaire also maintains a Fiberglass Fabrication Facility that offers the same functionality of our PVC facility, but this time using fiberglass to build our Ventilation Systems and Air Scrubbing components. Our Fiberglass Fabrication Shop has the ability to mold, hand lay, filament wind, and chop anything that our clients might bring us. . Our Fiberglass Facility is equipped with hi-tech filament winding equipment.

Custom Fiberglass Process Tanks

This is where we also build our custom FRP Tanks with mandrels us to 12’ diameter.

Dual Laminates

We are one of the few fabricators that can do dual laminates since we have both a PVC and a Fiberglass shop.

Our Vanaire engineers can help your organization bring simple design to reality. Call the Vanaire team today to learn more about our industry-leading Facilities.