Atmospheric Evaporators

High-Capacity Atmospheric Evaporators

Vanaire is a leading designer and fabricator of state-of-the-art Atmospheric Evaporators for industrial and municipal water treatment facilities. Our Atmospheric Evaporators provide an efficient solution when reusing or discharging the water is not feasible, such as when a discharge point is unavailable.

Vanaire atmospheric evaporators are fabricated from corrosion-resistant materials, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability.

Atmospheric Evaporators Designed According to Applicable Regulations

In designing, manufacturing, and installing Vanaire Atmospheric Evaporators, our engineers are conscious of all applicable local, state, and federal emissions and air pollution control regulations, ensuring that any ventilation solution you use in your facility from Vanaire is industry certified.

Our Atmospheric Evaporators are also subjected to our proprietary quality assurance program, ensuring efficient capture and removal of contaminants in the air. We manufacture custom-designed evaporators with corrosion-resistant materials, giving your investment the longest lifespan possible.


• Wastewater treatment
• Chemical and industrial evaporation
• Water in oil evaporation
• Plating

Order High-Quality Atmospheric Evaporators from Vanaire

Call the Vanaire team to order one of our custom Atmospheric Evaporators for your facility. Talk to a Vanaire engineer to learn more about our custom evaporator designs.

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