Nitrogen Oxide Scrubbers

Corrosion-Resistant NO Scrubbers

Vanaire specializes in the design and fabrication of Nitrogen Oxide (NO) acid scrubbers with unmatched capture and removal efficiency of NO emissions. Nitrogen Oxide is a corrosive and hazardous acid generated by a wide variety of industrial and manufacturing processes.

At Vanaire, our engineering team is committed to designing and building nothing but the most reliable and effective air pollution control solutions that remove NO and all other hazardous air pollutions from your manufacturing or industrial floor. Our NO Scrubbing Systems can be found in facilities for these processes:

• Phosphating
• Stainless Steel Pickling
• Bright Dipping
• Chromium Plating

Solve Your Air Quality Issues with a Vanaire NO Scrubbing System

Vanaire combines the most reliable corrosion-resistant materials with modern air scrubbing technologies to build our NO solutions. Contact the Vanaire team to commission a custom NO Scrubber designed for your business needs and space limitations.

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