Polypropylene Duct Systems

Solid Duct Systems

Our company specializes in the production of finely manufactured polypropylene ductwork equipment. Essentially, Vanaire’s expert design team calls upon a large selection of manufacturing resources, and it’s these machines and materials that develop our top-tier, corrosion-resistant ductwork systems. Then, once expertly installed and exhaustively tested, the polypropylene ductwork systems absolutely ensure a safe and productive manufacturing environment.

Excellent Materials and Expertise

Due to an intelligently ingrained feature that targets corrosion resistance, Vanaire’s polypropylene ductwork systems are built to stay material-strong despite the presence of a broad range of potentially caustic exhaust streams. Keep that fact in mind if your manufacturing facility is plagued with corrosive fumes, for these tough polymer-reinforced ducting systems really provide an excellent fume handling solution. In point of fact, this is a polymer that can easily endure when extreme temperatures are cooking the airflow with 220°F of torturous thermal energy. In other words, polypropylene fume channels are extremely durable, temperature-capable, and chemically resistive. Finally, thanks to the lightweight properties and mechanical toughness, that polypropylene base material is a workable, cost-effective ductwork candidate that will fit any imaginable manufacturing scenario. Indeed, with a Vanaire-branded polypropylene ductwork system installed, your manufacturing facility will instantly become a safe place to work.

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